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Zirkle Fruit Company Christmas Party

From as far back as some of us can remember, the Zirkle Family has found a way for all employees and their families to come together and celebrate during the holidays.  As the years passed and our family of employees got bigger, these festive holiday gatherings outgrew any space available we had at our company owned facilities--with some folks even traveling from as far north as Omak and as far south as Paterson.  So what did we do to make sure we had enough space for everyone and their families?  We rented the Yakima Sundome!

Our 2018 party was a huge success and was held on Saturday, December 8th, with over 2,600 people in attendance.  We had more than 150 volunteers from the company who served to help make everything run smoothly and make it a fun day for all.  Thank you to all who attended!

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