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Washington Apple Education Foundation Scholarships

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Pacific Northwest University Osteopathic Scholarship

The Zirkle Fruit Osteopathic Scholarship was created to assist students who are committed to providing medical services to rural communities in the Pacific Northwest, but are challenged financially to complete the four-year program at PNWU.


We are excited to be able to offer finanical assistance to aid in the betterment of these young lives.

For more information on the scholarships for the Pacific Northwest University of Osteopathic Medicine click here:



Washington State Scholarship Foundation

The mission of WSSF is to provide educational opportunities through scholarships to those in financial need.


WSSF is a team of passionate volunteers who believe that every person, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity deserves the chance to improve their lives through vocational training or post-secondary education.


For more information on obtaining a scholarship through WSSF, please visit their site here:

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