The Zirkle Fruit Osteopathic Scholarship was created to assist students who are committed to providing medical services to rural communities in the Pacific Northwest, but are challenged financially to complete the four-year program at PNWU.  We are honored to offer financial assistance to these aspiring and dedicated young medical professionals.

​Congratulations to our 2017 PNWU scholarship winner, A.J. Lakey!  Mark Zirkle, President of Zirkle Fruit Company, recently presented A.J. with his scholarship check.  A.J. was well supported by his wife Tawny and members of the PNWU Staff.  We appreciate these amazing people for always showing their support for Zirkle Fruit--and their students!  A.J., we are proud to help be a part of your journey, and wish you all the best.




















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